Why am I in here?

For some reason, I’m trying to get away and run off, OK, avoid problems. 


I just realized right now that this year, in my opinion, has been really insane. 


I really don’t know why this year has took so much of my energy and time. Probably despite the fact that I want to move on and get over with my life, try to be productive or be thankful or grateful for some reason. I sort of, lost my sense of direction in life. 


Although, I’m more than glad to say that the year wasn’t entirely bad, it just had its own severe ups and downs. Apparently too much to handle for me.


I always find myself saying this over and over again…


“It’s so unfair. Why do others get it their way, when will it be my turn?…When will I ever be happy?”


A wise woman once told me, “Happiness is a choice…” When I heard that, it really made me feel good. and I want to feel that happiness again. Unlike this recurring emptiness that keeps coming back to me. 


At the moment, One thing’s for sure. (Okay, two.)

1.) I need to get over this slump and get on with my life.

2.) It is never too late to try and be positive and hope for the best before this year ends.


2011 might not exactly be the best year or years for me. whatev. but I am super grateful for the people I’ve met and wonderful moments I’ve spent with them. 


I still couldn’t figure out if I should take a year off or something. Just to try and look for myself again. I feel so out-of-sync with my life. I think it’s taking a toll on my studies too. I wasn’t anticipating the speed of how things are in university. To this day, I still am in shock of all the things that I’m in right now. I mean, yeah. I consider myself blessed that I survived the first semester but what about the succeeding semesters? What if my luck has ran out and I’ll have to drop out? What if I get so disconnected with my life that I will never be the same again? I feel so frightened to lose things that matters to me the most that the mere thought of losing those things just kills me so much. 


It is so hard to be bottled up all the time. 


I need a drink (or two) right now. Maybe that will help me feel better…

Almost there…

UST Sports Complex

Construction almost done!

Will I say goodbye to darker skin?? Lol lol lol

Go USTe!
AB + Commerce Pride!

awhile ago at the st. Raymund de Penafort building lobby.

Go USTe!!


Dinner 4 tonight. Sept 4 2011. Shakey’s is <3

Satchel <3

A real Filipino-made, leather schoolboy satchel. I bought the prototype itself but I’m really attracted to the idea of buying another one after awhile. Hahahahaha

Black (Rabbit) Berry

Cuteness. I <3 my rabbit blackberry :)

Cheap Thrills

I just love cheap thrills! Bought these on eBay for, memory serves me right, US$25 incl of shipping. Not bad already, considering it arrived via registered mail a week after I placed my order. This has got to be the more succes


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