SHOPAHOLIC – a Thai short film starring Ice Preechaya

Finally! Thesis defense is over but since my other major subjects decided to play catch up, (I suspect they must have conspired to make the graduating students’ lives a miserable living hell) so, obviously, they did it in the worst possible way by giving us a pile of output to be submitted ASAP. Now I don’t know with you but I really just want to end this insanity, by watching fun videos on YouTube. (It’s a Sunday for crying out loud. Please give me time to unwind!)

Now, I’d like to share with y’all this short film that caught my attention. I don’t know if share the same experience from where you live but it’s certainly like this here in the Philippines as well. Not much different from Thailand pala. The actress has an enviable complexion if I may add. Similar to the Japanese and Korean artistes. How I wish I have enough resources to have and maintain a fair, clear and smooth complexion!

Have fun!

Credits to the Film owners. I do not own this film nor do I claim any ownership, copyright or the like. 

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Inside Guantanamo Bay’s Kitchen: The Politics of Food

Before anything else, I want to wish my very good friend (and blockmate) AJC, a very Happy 21st Birthday!! Thanks for last night!

Anyway, going back. I found this video on YouTube about food in Guantanamo Bay and it’s interesting how they serve humane and decent food to their prisoners. It’s not the way it works here in the third world. Not to mention, their kitchen is bad-a**!

Via Munchies YouTube Channel

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5 day break

Yes, the Pope in here in the tropics and the 5 day holiday is wonderful so I am taking advantage of the short break to accomplish school work.

As much as I want to go to school on Sunday to catch a glimspe of the Pope, I don’t know if I can, nor do I have the energy to do so I think. I’d rather stay indoors and watch the whole thing on TV nalang because it’s definitely going to be an exhausting Sunday with all the pushing, shoving and shouting from the youth encounter and if the state weather bureau predicted correctly, there will be scattered rain showers on Sunday.

My 2015 is not off to a good start. I feel like I have low energy all the time so I don’t feel like doing anything at all. If I could stay at home for a week just sleeping, I’d definitely do it.

It would be a dream to pack my bags, leave everything and everyone behind and have a fresh new start in life but the big question is, where will I go and what will I do with my life? and is this what people call “quarter life crisis?” even if I am nowhere near a quarter of my life yet?

How depressing. Well, I need to get back to my schoolwork because it won’t finish by itself!

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Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness in Manila

I have to admit, it was not love at first taste but I found it interesting to have shaved ice and custard which tastes and feels much better than your regular ice cream-in-a-tub. The photo below is called “Gelati”. Too much shaved ice gave me brain freeze so I vowed to come back and try the Blendini



and I did go back after a week or so and tried their signature “Blendini” (ice and custard blended with your own choice of mix-ins) I like this better than the “Gelati”

Ritas Ice Custard

on my last visit, I settled for their frozen custard-only option. Think soft serve only much more firm. For me, this is the best way to have Rita’s.


And the good news is, it doesn’t hurt the bank! So if you find yourself in Greenhills, pay Rita’s a visit. You will not regret it. Although you might need to bring a little more patience with you as the lines can get long.

Ground Floor V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
(+632) 650-5859
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Thank you to Elyssa and her mom, Tina for this gorgeous Murano Glass charm from Rome.

It’s indeed beautiful!

Thank you very much for this gorgeous Italian Murano Glass charm, @lopzeelopz and tita @alwaystina!!!

I keep it inside my bag next to the “for exams” charm I bought during my Japan trip. I shall post a photo soon!

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Starting 2015 right

With this.

Gonna start my 2015 right! #word #instaquote

Wishing everyone a 2015 filled with love and luck!

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What I also miss in Japan

Is their lovely persimmon! Too bad it’s tad overpriced here in Manila

What I also miss about my Japanese foster family. They have abundant Persimmons! Something thats really expensive here in the tropics

I know others might find this shallow but I am not ashamed professing my love for convenience stores! Whenever I go abroad, I always make it a point to visit a local convenience store and a supermarket because believe it or not, I find grocery shopping therapeutic until I head for the checkout.

Some konbini finds not yet available here in Manila (I wish we can have it here someday but that’s just asking for a shimmering, shining, sparkling unicorn as a pet from Santa Claus.)

Tokyo Banana (Okay, not exactly from a Konbini but from a gift shop in Narita, although this is also available in stores within Shinkansen stations)

Foodstagram -Japan Edition

Foodstagram -Japan Edition

Starbucks White Mocha with Maple (served cold. 120+ Yen from FamilyMart but most konbini stock this)

Foodstagram Japan Edition

I regret not trying this Godiva Ice cream in a single-serve cup. Then again, this costs 400 Yen for all variants.

Foodstagram -Japan Edition

Their ice cream is of good quality even if its just house brand like this creamy cookies and cream stick for 200 Yen from FamilyMart

Foodstagram -Japan Edition

and this fruit with vanilla ice cream overload for 300 yen

Foodstagram -Japan Edition

Tried this Japanese flavoured beer with a mild kick because it has 8% alcohol. I love it because the taste didn’t make me feel queasy.

Foodstagram -Japan Edition

Just to make sure I avoid the dehydration, I took this immediately upon waking up. I found about Kagome when I was in Hong Kong. The Japanese and Hong Kong Kagome tastes the same.

Foodstagram -Japan Edition

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